Game Designer

Borgmästaren och Pips Memory

Medium Level


A match two game for kids ment to play together with their parents. Arty, jazz and comedy.

Project time; 2 month
Programming and game design: Kalle Carmback
Art: Lisa Imberg
Music: Nils Berg 

Engine; Unity
Release planned on Appstore and Google play in Fall 2021


We wanted to take the characters, art and mood from our podcast project I EN STAD (IN A TOWN) and make a game out of it. A match two game came to my mind – it’s a simple game that all children know about, it don’t have to be explained, and a good way to display all the beautiful art and use the voices of the two characters The Mayor and his helper, the mouse Pip. We also wanted to use our grammy nominated music in the game – but the ambient instrumental versions of the songs. I wanted it to be carefully designed with an elaborated feel on the very simple mechanics. The Competition is not very impressive – for what I could find. I felt that if I put som love and time in to this project it will turn out fine.


Besides the art and the music I did everything and I had the luxury of working in my own pace without any strict deadline.

Start menu UI


Being all alone in a project has a lot of flip sides. No need to compromise. No stress. No real deadline. But those three statements can also be your best friend when you need to progress. So, yes – i did miss someone that could debate the choices i made.

Also a deadline that could put an end to an everlasting progress – I have a hard time stop developing. 

At the same time – the more you learn, the more you can create. And I learned a lot. 

Mostly I developed my programming skills and realized how much I enjoy it.


”Borgmästaren and Pips Memory” will be released the fall 2021 and are still in production. I’m super satisfied with the result so far. It’s spot on the mood that I EN STAD is all about – low key, jazzy and enjoyable. 

The game will be ad free and cost money to buy – I am going to add some more decks to play and add a music player with more jazzy tunes to make the experience worth the money. The next update will be a version in english.



Anja Bigrell
Vi var trouble


Kalle Carmback


Amanda Davin


Arpi Sahakya

The song “Vi var trouble” (We were trouble) is a nostalgic trip back to the nighties and a mixture of Anjas and my own troublesome memories. It’s an ambitious zero budget production.