Game Designer

Gravity Derby

The scrapyard


Our assignment was to built a gacha game with focus on the monetary system.

Project Time: 3 weeks
Team: 3 designers, programmers, art, Sound
Engine; Unity


Gravity Derby is a race gacha played in three scenes. 

We wanted to create a game that was more than just a gacha lottery – we wanted to addd some kind of fun gameplay. So we imagined a  scrapyard where the big cane claw visually worked as the classic gacha claw. You pay currency to work the crane and gain car parts that you bring to the next scene – the garage.
the garage you put the parts together to build a soapbox car – the better parts, the better car. You  can sacrifice parts you don’t want or need in the grinder to gain scrap, use to upgrade remaining parts.
In the last scene you
race the car down a hill. The longer you get the more currency you gain. Your engine is gravity and the quality of your parts.


We were a game design team of three designers on this project. We were all quite different in both working process and preferences. Gravity Derby was a compromise trying to include all designers wishes. My roles in the project was:

Sketches UI design

Sketches Garage Scene and Scrapyard

Work process

As designers we took on different parts of the game. my responsibility ended up in the garage designing layout and the different mechanics that should be there. How to ensemble your car and upgrade, sacrifice or fusion parts 


This project didn’t end up how it was described in the GDD for several reasons. I realized that a small project like this needs a team that work together, as passioned for one idea – try to fit every idea in might seam democratic but will end up in a mess.   



Necessary downscoping and a too wide vision ended up quite messy. I think the concept has some bright sides and fun mechanics but we wasn’t able to make them all as intended.



Anja Bigrell
Vi var trouble


Kalle Carmback


Amanda Davin


Arpi Sahakya

The song “Vi var trouble” (We were trouble) is a nostalgic trip back to the nighties and a mixture of Anjas and my own troublesome memories. It’s an ambitious zero budget production.