The last Journey


World building. Build a vertical slice with enviromental storytelling.

Team; Game design, art, sound

Project time; 3 weeks

Engine; Unreal

Our aim

We wanted to create a gothic story of magic and wonders. Shrines and Gods. Our aim was towards the sky – straight at the city of gods. 

We were a game design team of three designers on this project. My role was:

the Result

You’ve lost everything you got to a group of be-winged creatures you call gods – but they act more like hoodlums. You take the only thing you now possess; a plushie that used to belong to your dead child, and walk the road up to the shrine to do your final sacrifice. Will the gods see the value of the plushie and let you in to the city of gods? If they do… your revenge will be sweet. And much much more of course… I wrote a bible.


I love to meet up and talk film, music videos, children’s culture, games or life in general.  You’ll find me at any of the coffeshops around Södermalm, Stockholm or on discord or any other social media platform. If you’re hiring and looking for competens and want to read my CV – click on the link and download the one that seams to fit your purpose.

Anja Bigrell
Vi var trouble


Kalle Carmback


Amanda Davin


Arpi Sahakya

The song “Vi var trouble” (We were trouble) is a nostalgic trip back to the nighties and a mixture of Anjas and my own troublesome memories. It’s an ambitious zero budget production.