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I entered the magical world of children culture 2012 when I wrote my debut book ”Manne gräver ett hål” and got it published. I thought that was my new profession – being an author – but little did i know.

The different ways to reach children today are plenty. I write, i tell stories though podcasts, i animate, make music, stage plays, apps and games. 

For me, the tool I use doesn’t matter, as long as I do my very best, put energy, love and time into my creation and treat my audience, young or old, with. great respect.


I en stad (in a town) - season 1 & 2

Podcast and music

The podcast

I EN STAD (In a city) is a storytelling podcast for kids and their adults with stand alone episodes. There is a lot of music involved and songs that turned into grammy nominated albums.
The stories, the lyrics, the world and its inhabitants were created by me and the music was composed by Nils Berg.
We wanted the project to be something that kids and parents enjoy together, we want it to be something that parents can endure and love. This means our target audience is kids aged 4-10 and their parents – together.
It also means this is not for everyone – the music is jazz, the artists singing are indie and mainly known by grown ups.
The podcast has 20 regular episodes (30 min) and a bunch of special episodes where two characters Borgmästaren (The mayor) and his right hand man Pip are answering letters  from kids.

Season 1
Season 2

Producer/Writer/Storyteller: Kalle Carmback
Composer: Nils Berg
Illustrations: Lisa Imberg

Financed with help from Kulturrådet & Musikverket

Read more at www.ienstad.se

The music

 The musical album that came alongside the pod had a lot of strong guest appearances and got nominated both a Swedish Grammy and the indie award Manifest.  A Second album was released during the summer of 2020.

Both albums got great reviews in national newspapers.

Guest appearances: Nicolai Dunger, Theodor Jensen, Sarah Riedel, Mattias Hellberg, Ane Brun, Anja Bigrell, Caroline Schröder,  My Engström Renman, Daniel Lemma, Josef Kallerdahl et. al

Recorded in Studio Rymden

Label: Hoob Records

Read more about the I En Stad game in development

The concerts

Having all this music and amazing artists conectet to the project the need of doing concerts felt urgent. We have done two shows at the Stockholm jazzclub Fashing with a lot a play, animation and storytelling. 

Manne gräver ett hål

books and shows

More info soon – mean while read more here: www.manneboken.se (in swedish)



Anja Bigrell
Vi var trouble


Kalle Carmback


Amanda Davin


Arpi Sahakya

The song “Vi var trouble” (We were trouble) is a nostalgic trip back to the nighties and a mixture of Anjas and my own troublesome memories. It’s an ambitious zero budget production.